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March 10 2014

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March 08 2014

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February 12 2014

Submitted by lovebre
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January 29 2014

Submitted by Galadriel
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December 28 2013

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October 27 2013

Submitted by Galadriel
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September 29 2013

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September 12 2013

Summer Nights [x]
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September 07 2013

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August 25 2013

August 18 2013

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July 11 2013

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May 20 2013

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John Travolta y Olivia Newton John, Grease, 1978

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May 17 2013


The best visual representation of “No Homo!” in cinematic history.

(Source: clarabows, via grettadc)

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May 04 2013

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May 03 2013

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April 29 2013

April 27 2013

Grease [x]
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